Lunzheng Li


I am a postdoctoral fellow at SInnoPSis and Economics Research Centre, University of Cyprus.

I obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of Southampton, UK in 2020. Prior to joining SInnoPSis, I worked as a research associate at Shenzhen University, China.

Research Interests -  Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics, Economics of Science

Curriculum Vitae 中文简历

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"Anchoring in Economics: A Meta-Analysis of Studies on Willingness-To-Pay and Willingness-To- Accept." Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2021.
with Z. Maniadis and C. Sedikides

"Can Biased Polls Distort Electoral Results? Evidence from the Lab." European Journal of Political Economy, 2023.
with A. Boukouras, W. Jennings and Z. Maniadis

Working Papers

"The Account of Instability of Risk Preference: Salience Theory versus Cumulative Prospect Theory."

"Childbearing Age and the Shadow Mommy Effect on Hiring: A Large-Scale Field Experiment."
with K. Li, W. Si and Z. Xu

"Reciprocity in Lying for Others."
with P. Louis, Z. Maniadis and D. Xefteris

Work in Progress

"Applications of Biometeorological Indices for Environmental-related Health Effects: A Systematic Review." - coding completed
with K. Pantavou, A. Fillon, Z. Maniadis, and G. Nikolopoulos

"Testing the Predictive Power of an Experimental 'Preference-Identification Tool' for Retail Investors' Preferences Over Structured Investment Solutions" - experimental design finished
with N. Hanakai, E. Lykopoulos and D. Sonsino

"Reward vs Punishment in Collective Action: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in China’s Pastoral Area" - data analysis in progress
with M. Liu and J. Wang

"How Do Biases in Opinion Polls Affect Elections in Costly Voting Environments?" - experimental design in progress
with A. Boukouras, Z. Maniadis and D. Xefteris